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Why did you have a colour analysis consultation ?

I have always wanted to use more colour in my wardrobe but I really didn’t know where to start. Sometimes I would buy an item because I love the pattern or colour, but for some reason, I just didn’t feel good in it.

I wanted to understand better and find out whether there were some guidelines I should be sticking to and make sure I don’t waste money on clothes that won’t suit me.

What were the most important reasons you had the colour analysis consultation?

I wanted to make informed decisions about my purchases.  Waste less money on things that don’t look good. Find out how to enhance my features and minimise the not so great ones.

What was your biggest Benefit by having a consultation?

I can now shop with confidence. I don’t even bother trying on things that are not in my colour palette.
I am also mixing colours together that I would never have dreamed of combining before.
This is when I get the most compliments!

I would recommend this service to anyone who is not confident in their clothing choices,
you will never look back!

Ineke Hale

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